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Ham rotor U bolts

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Subject: Ham rotor U bolts
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Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 23:59:12 -0400
How many of you guys out there have broken  the 1/4 ss U bolts on a Ham
rotor.?  Most of you I bet. What about the mast turning in the clamp ? after
every wind storm I have a gob repositioning 5 or 6 yagi ants...
 While prepairing the side mount for two 20mtr beams I was looking at the Ham
series top and lower optional mast mt.. diging through my U bolt box I came
up with some 5/16 U bolts long enough to pass through the aluimimum housing
and go through the mast plate on the other side. ( ,this is the tricky part
as most 5/16 U bolts were two short).   I have never seen a HINT or KINKs re:
" install 5/16 U bolts for better bite on you Ham series rotor " ???? the TX2
has 5/16 bolts standard. Well I took the chance. and drilled out both top and
bottom mast clamps to accept the heavyer U bolts..
We put up the two side mts this afternoon  and hope to mt ant's next
upon installing the rotors on the lower side mtg tube and the 6ft top
swinging gate
in the top    We set a record NO BROKEN 1/4 in. u bolts. seems mybe I 'll
won't have to call the freindly Gal's  at Hy-gain as often.!!! 
                                                           73' Wayne KY3N
unless I am lotto lucky

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