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40-2CD compromise dimensions

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Subject: 40-2CD compromise dimensions
From: (Tony Wanschura)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 09:35:24 -0600
I'm building up a new Cushcraft 40-2CD this weekend.  Lately I've seen
discussion of compromise dimensions for the cw and ssb band segments.  

Should I expect any degradation in cw performance due to the compromise
dimensions?  Is there anyone out there who has used both the factory cw
dimensions and the compromise dimensions?  Are the compromise dimensions
worth it for someone who operates 95% cw?

I formerly used a 2-el Hygain (Discoverer Series, I think it's called)
tuned for cw.  Farther up the band, it acted like a dipole.  I don't
want to give away that much performance this time.

(kayMOO, one of the Minnesota Bovine Contesters, along with AC0W)

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