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"Moseley TA-33 Trap Troubles"& Rotor Grease?

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Subject: "Moseley TA-33 Trap Troubles"& Rotor Grease?
From: (Roger L. Elowitz)
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 03:50:14 +0000
Hi Guys,
I have a simple problem. While taking apart the traps on an old Mosley TA-33
tri-bander (to clean and restore the antenna prior to reinstalling it), I
discovered that the plastic form one of the coils was wound on was cracked
at the point where the stainless steel sheet metal screw holds the end of
the coil to the inner aluminum tube. Rather than take any chances with an
epoxy glue job coming un-done, I bought a new coil from Mosley. The new coil
form plastic looks like its made of different kind of plastic (white) and
... this is the most interesting point..... the coil wire is pop-riveted to
the inner aluminum tube!

Now for the question. When I tightened the coil screws down in all the other
traps I noticed that the screws could take perhaps a quarter of a turn to
snug-up tight. The aluminum coil wire no doubt deforms under this pressure-
most likely as it does when aluminum wire is used in house wiring... causing
all manner of serious intermittants and fires.

So..... should I remove all the sheet metal screws in traps holding down
aluminum coil wire and substitute aluminum pop rivets- or should I just
leave everything alone? I'm well aware of the "If it ain't broke... don't
fix it" rule, however, I'm trying to avoid problems down the road since it's
really easy to fix now when I have the beam all apart in my garage.

PS. I really appreciate reading all the recent threads on concrete curing
and u-bolt problems for rotors etc. This has really been an educational
experience and I thank all the people who contributed to my understanding.

OOPS! I have one more question! I completely rebuilt my Ham-IV, TR-44 and
AR-22 rotors myself. I used white grease (Lubriplate) wherever grease is
required and always in sparing amounts. Did I use the right grease?  I live
in central New Jersey and winters here seldom see temperatures below zero.

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