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Insulating the terminal strip on a T2X

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Subject: Insulating the terminal strip on a T2X
From: (William G Bithell)
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 00:10:54 EDT
On Fri, 27 Sep 1996 14:54:51 -0500 (EST) jfeustle@UOFT02.UTOLEDO.EDU
(Joseph A. Feustle, Jr.) writes:
>Got my rotators back from CATS, the Rotator Doctor, this morning. Nice 
>But, before I put anything back up on the tower, I'd like to know if 
>has a way or knows of a substance to put over the terminal strip on 
>rotator to cut down on corrosion. I'm reminded of the recent thread on
>spray-on insulation, but perhaps there's something even better.
>Tnx de
>Joe, N8AAT
>One way to connect that rotor is as follows:

connect a pigtail of quality rotor cable to the terminal block.
(I use quality ring lugs crimped and soldered)
the pigtail about 3 ft long.

Install the rotor in the accy shelf and cover it with GE silicone,tub
duck seal, whatever you like to keep out the elements.

join the pigtail to your rotor cable with the right size wire nuts and
seal them to the WX. .    

The next time you need to pull the rotor just bring cutters.

I find working with wire strippers and wire nuts a lot easier than
messing with those crummy screws, and don't like connectors of
any kind!    they're too hard to repair on the tower.

This method is also handy for repairs of original installations that the
installer left no slack in the rotor cable.  

GL,  Bill
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