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"Moseley TA-33 Trap Troubles"& Rotor Grease?

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Subject: "Moseley TA-33 Trap Troubles"& Rotor Grease?
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 01:37:09 -0500 (CDT)
>Hi Guys,
>I have a simple problem. While taking apart the traps on an old Mosley TA-33
>tri-bander (to clean and restore the antenna prior to reinstalling it), I
>discovered that the plastic form one of the coils was wound on was cracked
>at the point where the stainless steel sheet metal screw holds the end of
>the coil to the inner aluminum tube. Rather than take any chances with an
>epoxy glue job coming un-done, I bought a new coil from Mosley. The new coil
>form plastic looks like its made of different kind of plastic (white) and
>... this is the most interesting point..... the coil wire is pop-riveted to
>the inner aluminum tube!
>Now for the question. When I tightened the coil screws down in all the other
>traps I noticed that the screws could take perhaps a quarter of a turn to
>snug-up tight.


I had to do the same thing to my TA33 when it came down in an ice story and 
75 mile per hour winds last winter.  No problem here.  My form was cracked 
where the wire attached to the outside tube of the trap.  I drilled new 
holes (two of them) where there was good plastic, but continued to used thje 
orginal hole to pring the wire around and then attach on the aluminum sleeve.

Mosley sold me just the wire.  So, I drilled out the pop-rivel inside the 
mold...and use a #10 self-tapping screw.   I had to use a grinder to reduce 
the size of the head so it would fit.  I then place the wire in the hole and 
used the self-tapping screw and cranked it down snug.  Then I rewound the 
coil and brough the end out to the original hole which was just acting as a 
contact point to the metal sleeve.  There were two other $10 self-tapping 
screws holding on the sleeve to the coil form.  Worked slick, the antenna is 
up...good SWR and good front to back....for a TA-33 that is!!!!!  

All this came as instructions for Mosely.  They have very liberal ideas as 
what you can do with their product.  Hope this helps.


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