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tower customer service

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Subject: tower customer service
From: (Mike Meehan)
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 14:25:47 -0700
In all fairness to US Tower...I had a conversation with the owner this last
Sat (28th). I faxed his outfit last Thursday to inquire about a tower purchase.

He called me on Sat morning at home to explain the details of our purchase.
He also said the "personal communications revolution" has really made his
business take off---cell phones and the like. Remember that they serve both
amateur and commerical market segments. (I'll bet there is more money in the
commerical segment). He said they were growing the business and that it was
hard to find and keep good people---anyone else own a business out there? He
appologized for calling on the weekend but said they were working Saturdays
and Sundays in an effort to keep up...I think Bruce is aware of the growing
pains, but a fax direct to him might help:

 Bruce Kopitar (fax line) 209-733-7194 

I'll let you know how my purchase goes which BTW, back in April had a 2-month
lead time, but since I waited until I got my building permits, the lead time
has built to 6 months (I guess I'll see you all in contest season after next)

Before you go off to buy something else, I'd urge you to look at the calcs and

Kindest Regards,
-Mike (AK6N)

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