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Comments on EWE antennas

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Subject: Comments on EWE antennas
From: (Bill Hider)
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 03:30:12 -0700
I received quite a few replys with questions on EWEs, so here are my 
answers/comments re:EWEs.

Thje EWE antenna name is a cute way of saying "U" (upside down).  The 
EWE, of course, was the logo used in Floyd's (WA2WVL) article in Feb 1995 

The design I am using on all five of my EWEs is the dual band design in 
Floyd's article.  A close look at the several designs he presents will 
show that the patterns/gains, etc of this design are superior (in my 
opinion) than those mentioned for single band.  The design I use is: 15 
ft verticals connected by a 38 ft horizontal wire.  The verticals are 
connected to a load resistor of 830 OHMs (10 OHMs smaller than that 
suggested in the article 'cuz that's what Radio Shack had!) at the 
receiving end and to a K2ZJ (ZJ Electronics) Beverage Box at the driven 
end.  All antennas are fed with RG-58 cable.  Both verticals use 4 ft 
copper ground rods with liberal application of Jet-Lube copper lubricant.

The two phased EWEs are separate EWEs, 130 ft apart (in the same plane, 
so that an areial view of them would depict a rectangle with the corners 
at the locations of the four verticals.  They are fed with equal lengths 
of RG-58, using a non-amplified K2ZJ Beverage Box and connected together 
at the common point and impedance-matched with a 2:1 Minicircuits 
transformer (model T2-2).  The single feedline to the shack is RG-58 as 
well.  Total feed line length from shack to Minicircuits xformer = approx 
100 ft.  Length of equal-length feedlines to each EWE is 175 ft.  I used 
the unamplified box in this application because I suspected that the 10dB 
gain in the ZJ box, if used, would swamp the T2-2 xformer.  I have 
noticed that the 10 dB gain in the box is really not necessary anyway.

I have used a Slinky Beverage made from 8 slinkys (total length = 50 ft). 
The EWE always outperforms the slinky.

I mount 3.5 of my EWEs on the wooden fence line in my back yard.  One of 
the EWEs is suspended by two trees, 1/2 of another is in the trees.  The 
trees do not seem to affect performence.

BTW, the K2ZJ boxes attach directly to a 5/8 inch ground rod making them 
very convenient.  Check out the ZJ Electronics homepage, available from 
the PVRC home page and elsewhere.

Glad to answer more Qs if any.



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