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Best Climbing Safety Harness

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Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 01:17:19 -0400
In a message dated 96-09-30 20:59:36 EDT, you write:
>I went to the local safety store to look at climbing  
>appraratus.  They recommended a Rose climbing harness. 
>It was not particularly comfortable, and I was not sure 
>if it was compatible with my Miller strap that I wanted to 
>use with it. 

Hi, Tom --

    You must've missed my three-part series on safety equipment that appeared
in CQ Contest magazine in my Up The Tower column.  Send an SASE to TOWER
TECH, Box 572, Woodinville, WA, 98072, and I'll send you a copy.  It covers
all of your questions and more.

    Rose is one of a number of safety equipment manufacturers; I must have a
dozen catalogs of different companies in my library.  

    Fit is important.  How do you think it's going to feel after working in
it for a whole day?  MORE comfortable?  I think not. I prefer a fairly loose
fit overall but a snug waist belt. It also takes some time before you get all
the adjustments set where you want them. If you've never tried one on before,
it probably will take some getting used to.
   It is not always possible to use an exisiting waist safety belt over a
separate fall arrest harness; they don't seem to work together very well.
 Tony, K1KP, can fill you in on that topic; he tried the combination and
changed to a fully integrated fall arrest harness.  
>What are guys using for climbing that is better than the 
>old-fashioned belt? 

     Most tower climbers are switching to the full fall arrest harness with
positioning belt D-rings.  It's safer because you have a second lanyard that
is attached to the tower in addition to your waist positioning, or work,
belt.  It's also the only thing OSHA approved for tower work.  More info in
the reprint.
     Here are my prime requirements for a safety belt/harness:
1.  Lightweight.  Most are made of nylon and already are.
2.  Waist belt with tongue buckle.
3.  I like a removable belt for my belt tool bags but you can get tool bags
that will attach to any safety belt (Tower Tech has them).  I like to have
one for tools and another for parts.
4.  Should be easy to get in and out of.
5.  A seat - a popular item for those long tower days.
6.  Comfortable; remember you'll live in this thing occassionally (I've just
spent 5.5 days in the last 2 weeks in one and believe me, you want
7.  Cost. Not as important as #6. 
8.  Does it do the job with a maximum of use and a minimum of fuss?  

     The TOWER TECH catalog has a couple of options for safety equipment that
you may want to look over.  I'll stick one in the aforementioned SASE.

73 and good luck,  Steve  K7LXC

    TOWER TECH -- professional tower supplies and services for amateurs

    CLAIMER:  Yes, I speak for my employer and his opinions are mine.

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