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Best Climbing Safety Harness

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Subject: Best Climbing Safety Harness
From: (Craig Clark)
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 1996 09:10:54 -0500
        At 11:57 PM 10/1/96 GMT, you wrote:
>Hi Tony, 
>The harness that I saw had the extra d-ring in front.  I thought I would 
>put a 2' strap from here to a tower cross-bar, 

Many years ago, I bought a belt from ONV. It is well designed and
constructed and has served me well. If I did a lot of tower work, I'd look
for a more comfortable belt. I have seen German climbing belts and they are
beautiful. For occasional use they are way too expensive. ONV will do an
acceptable job.

However, I have always been concerned that the ONV belt has no back-up
safety feature. While in the Army, I learned how to do technical rock
climbing and rappelling. We made Swiss seats using ropes and used many of
the items you see in an EMS or REI catalog: carabineer, nuts, "friends" etc.
I have also gone climbing with a college friend in the White mountains and
here in my back yard on Mt. Monadnock. In preparation, I bough a
manufactured Swiss seat, flat cord and several kinds of carabineer from EMS.

The bottom line is, now when I climb, I use both the belt and Swiss seat.
The belt is used as my main protection. The Swiss seat is used during the
climb and after I belt in to the tower. I use locking "beaners" for extra
safety. The lanyard on the Swiss seat is made from flat cord, tied in a loop
with a square knot (left over right, right over left: not a Granny knot) The
belt goes around the tower for ease of access. The lanyard goes through the
tower ensuring I will not fall more than 2-3 feet before I am stopped.

I err on the side of being cautious. I'm not afraid of the heights, I am
afraid of a fall and the sudden stop. 

73 Craig

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