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40m small quad - help needed

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Subject: 40m small quad - help needed
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Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 12:23:17 -0400
Hello antenna cracks,

I need your advice in the following project:

years ago I read some article about building a reduced size 2 ele Quad for
I think it was originally designed by a G3 amateur. Sorry  I cannot remember
the call and I do not find the article anymore.

This is the scheme:
The size of the antenna loop is reduced to about 75 percent (each side about
26ft/8m long).
Capacitive linear loading is used to resonate the loop:
Loading wires are connected to the center point of the vertical wires and are
run parallel to the vertical wires at a small distance (2 ft/60cm or so?).
These loading wires are strung between the normal quad spreaders as well and
are nearly as long as the vertical wires themselves.

My questions are:
Does anyone have the correct dimensions for this antenna?
 loop length, loading wire length, spacing distance of loading wire to
 loop length, loading wire length, spacing distance of loading wire to

or any FORMULAS I can start with? I could start with the approximate
dimensions I still have in my head, but I think it will take quite a long
time then.

Reflector resonate frequency should be about 3 percent lower - RIGHT?
I think a gamma match will do nice for feeding - RIGHT?

Any other comments?

Anything will be appreciated. Please mail directly to
I will collect the answers and provide a sum-up for anybody interested in
this topic.
Thank you very much. With a bit of luck we will meet with this antenna in
both WWDXs this year.

      Con, DF4SA

Cornelius Paul            DF4SA    

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