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Rotator Grease

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Subject: Rotator Grease
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Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 08:06:42 -0500
Run down to your nearest snowmobile dealer and pick up a tube of snowmobile 
grease.  I use Ski Doo brand as it is a synthetic that maintains reasonable 
viscosity, even in our Winters!  The grease is formulated to handle more abuse 
than we generally subject it to, and works well in a rotor over the Summer as 
well.  It may not be what the manufactures recommend (I sure they have their 
own brand at a representative manufacture's price structure), but I have used 
it for years with good success.  Check at Tousley Sports or Waldoch Sports 
Center.  Lets hope we don't have another January ice storm like last year!

73 & GL de KN0Z  Gary in Wyoming, MN 
>I'm replacing a cracked upper housing on my Ham-M III rotator
>and would appreciate input on what type of bearing grease I
>should use when reassembling it.

>A friend said that "Lubriplate" used to be the best choice.  Is it
>still desirable for use in a northern climate?

>Thanks,  John  WA0VQR

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