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Non-Rohn Tower

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Subject: Non-Rohn Tower
From: (shamby)
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 1996 19:15:40 -0500
I'm hoping someone out here can help me with some spec's.  I have what
appears to be Rohn tower, except that the dimensions are not right. My
understanding is that Rohn 25 tower sides are approx. 11-3/4".  The
sides on mine are appprox. 15" per side and I assumed it was Rohn 45 and
ordered a rotor shelf for same.  

Now I find out that 45G is approx 18" per sideand needless to say the
bracket does not fit.  I am told that Rohn manufactured some tower for
Motorola, to their specs and it certainly looks like Rohn product, but i
larger that 25G and smaller than 45G.

I have 4 straight sections and 1 top section.  The top section has a 36"
x 2-1/4" tube.  This tower was given to me and appears to be in good
condition, I just am unsure was it is.

About my installation, I am setting 4 feet of the bottom section in
cement and have a house bracket at 18 feet.  I had been hoping to get by
without guying it and putting up a Hygain TH3. Now I'm not sure.

Any Information/specs. would be greatly appreciated.

73...S. Hamby

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