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Log Periodics

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Subject: Log Periodics
From: (Ed Tanton N4XY)
Date: Sat, 05 Oct 1996 16:35:33 -0300
Hi Stuart... I am sure there will be lots of other replies, but basically 
speaking log periodic pros and cons 
boil down to:

        PRO:    1. Log periodics do exhibit signal gain-but gain lower than 3el 
                2. L.P.s have very wide bandwidth compared to yagis
                3. L.P.s do not use traps/etc.
                4. L.P.s-by virtue of their very wide bandwidth-typically cover 
Phone & CW w/o retuning rig
        CON:    1. Log periodics are much larger and heavier than most 
multiband yagis
                2. L.P.s typically exhibit poor front-to-back ratios compared 
to yagis
                3. Most L.P.s are more expensive than their multi-banded cousins

I *THINK* that about covers it... I am sure everyone else will let us both know 
if I have gone astray or 
exaggerated. I seriously considered several LP options about a year ago, and 
finally, when I had determined 
that to have really good gain 7-30MHz I was going to have to get TWO LPs, one 
for 6.9-10.2MHz, and the other 
for 13.9-30MHz, I decided it was not possible for me. IF I had the $$$ AND the 
towers, AND the real estate 
(turning radii) MAYBE. There is still the poor F>B ratio-compared to a 'good' 
yagi, and the very real 
problems associated with rotating and maintaining such a large set of antennas. 
(The 'good' yagi I continue to 
refer to is a Hygain TH-11... my final choice [note: does NOT cover 7 or 
10.1MHz]-but not a purchase-yet!) 
That sums up what I learned when I was looking. The Cushcraft has reviewed 
well, and is not THAT much 
larger than that typical 3 el yagi-I think. Good luck & 73.             
 Ed Tanton N4XY (770) 579-3933 Voice / MBX / FAX Marietta, GA
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