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Log Periodics

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Subject: Log Periodics
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Date: Sat, 5 Oct 1996 15:50:13 -0700 (MST)
>Hi Stuart... I am sure there will be lots of other replies, but basically
speaking log periodic pros and cons 
>boil down to:
>       PRO:    1. Log periodics do exhibit signal gain-but gain lower than 3el 
> yagis
>               2. L.P.s have very wide bandwidth compared to yagis
>               3. L.P.s do not use traps/etc.
>               4. L.P.s-by virtue of their very wide bandwidth-typically cover 
> Phone &
CW w/o retuning rig
>       CON:    1. Log periodics are much larger and heavier than most 
> multiband yagis
>               2. L.P.s typically exhibit poor front-to-back ratios compared 
> to yagis
>               3. Most L.P.s are more expensive than their multi-banded cousins
>I *THINK* that about covers it... I am sure everyone else will let us both
know if I have gone astray or 
>exaggerated. I seriously considered several LP options about a year ago,
and finally, when I had determined 
>that to have really good gain 7-30MHz I was going to have to get TWO LPs,
one for 6.9-10.2MHz, and the other 
>for 13.9-30MHz, I decided it was not possible for me. IF I had the $$$ AND
the towers, AND the real estate 
>(turning radii) MAYBE. There is still the poor F>B ratio-compared to a
'good' yagi, and the very real 
>problems associated with rotating and maintaining such a large set of
antennas. (The 'good' yagi I continue to 
>refer to is a Hygain TH-11... my final choice [note: does NOT cover 7 or
10.1MHz]-but not a purchase-yet!) 
>That sums up what I learned when I was looking. The Cushcraft has reviewed
well, and is not THAT much 
>larger than that typical 3 el yagi-I think. Good luck & 73.            
> Ed Tanton N4XY (770) 579-3933 Voice / MBX / FAX Marietta, GA
> email:  URL: Coming Soon
----ED...I agree with you completely.  After many (too many) years I felt
that a KLM KT43A was the answer to my needs.  Great front to side, adequate
front-to-back, adequate gain on tx and rx, and no traps.  It does not have
the gain of a KT34XA but isn't as heavy nor does it have the windloading,
but the boom is about half the size of the XA.  I use mine on 17 and 12 mtrs
but with no more than 500 watts;  I don't want to run the tuner through a
6:1 balun.
Another Yagi worth looking at is the Force 12, althought I've not used one.
But log periodics, for pileups (you can see where I'm coming from) phooey.
very 73 from sunny and warm Phoenix de
                              Stu Greene WA2MOE 
                            7537 North 28th Avenue
                          Phoenix, Arizona 85051  USA


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