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Rohn HBDX question

To: <>
Subject: Rohn HBDX question
From: (Mike Pickard)
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 1996 09:06:42 -0700
Has anyone had experience with 48ft HBDX Rohn freestanding tower? I have 
a light tri-bander (A3S) up there now 2 feet above the tower. I am 
contemplating adding a 40-2CD on a new mast. 

Cushcraft advised that the 40-2CD should go above the A3S by at least  8 
feet but I am considering reversing that and putting the heavier 40-2CD 2 
feet above the tower and the A3S 8 feet above that. Has anyone had 
any experience with this combo?

The Rohn catalog indicates that the HBDX is not designed for antennas 
with boom lengths greater than 18 feet. My tower has one set of guys 
which I believe will reduce the twisting effect.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated direct, I will post a 
summary if requested.

Thanks and 73,
Mike K7NPN

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