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Rotor parts...

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Subject: Rotor parts...
From: (Don Gaikins)
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 18:12:54 -0500
Try CATS.  They have a full line of replacement parts for the CDE Telex
HI-Gain rotors.

At 07:24 AM 10/4/96 -0500, Andrew B. White wrote:
>My 16 year old HAM-IV's direction indicator stopped working past East 
>recently.  Yesterday, I took the rotor down, and I found that it has a 
>break in the potentiometer winding.  My question: Does anyone have 
>recommendations on who to contact for replacement parts?  Is HyGain's 
>parts department the best choice?
>For the time being, I pressed a short piece of copper wire between the 
>windings and the plastic support to short together the turns on either 
>side of the break.  That should fix it until Feb when it is -10 degrees 
>outside, the VU4 shows up, and my beam is pointing west...
>Thanks, Drew
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