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Top Rail

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Subject: Top Rail
From: (Tim S. Ellam)
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 10:13:14 -0400
>I would even be very suspicious of chain link fence toprail!  I have seen some
>of the stuff that is not tubing at all--just a piece of flat stock that is
>into a cylinder and then galavanized.  This sticks it together and makes it
>appear to be a welded pipe but there is no welding.  Under even a modest
>load the NON-seam will just pop open.  Not all of the stuff is made this
>way but unless you know what you have I wouldn't use it!

>73  John

>John Brosnahan  W0UN

I used some 10' top rail as a "temporary" mast for a GAP vertical last year. 
One good
Chinook in March put so much pressure on the antenna that the mast simply split 
along the
seam and folded! the stuff is really junk!


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