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Rohn HDBX question

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Subject: Rohn HDBX question
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Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 08:29:52 -0700 (MST)
about 15  yeaqrs aago I put a KT34A, a 40 mtr rotatable dipole and a 2 mtr
bvertical on your tower wusing a 24 foot length of VERY thick wall aluminum
mast (you'd had trouble getting ur finger in the hole), and guyed it in
three directions to trees (with phillystran and cable) at the top and
midway.  I used a Rohn -supplied rotor plate in the second from the top
section and a thrust bearing at the top.  I sold the house (in New York)
five tears ago to a ham and it still works well.    It withstood two
hurricanes while I was here (a previous quad on the same tower turned into
spaggheti) and I suspect the positioning of the rotor plate, the thrust
bearing and the guying have done the trick.  gl + 73 de
                              Stu Greene WA2MOE 
                            7537 North 28th Avenue
                          Phoenix, Arizona 85051  USA


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