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EMT Electrical Conduit!!!!!!!!

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Subject: EMT Electrical Conduit!!!!!!!!
From: (Bill Hinkle)
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 19:46:08 +0000
Keith Morehouse - WB9TIY wrote:
> Jack Ray wrote:
> >
> > I spent many years in the electrical supply business, and EMT > Electrical 
> > Metalic Tubing is just that, TUBING.
> Jack, you're right, of course.  Use that stuff to pull the 3 phase
> through for the big CONTEST amp.  Keep it off the towers.
> BUT.....
> The 4130 Chrome-Moly 2.5" 3/8" wall I'm gonna buy for the big tower is
> called TUBING also.  "Pipe" is designed to have "stuff" flow inside it,
> the name "Tubing" can apply to material used for OTHER mechanical
> purposes (like holding up those stack arrays ...) !
> Cheers.
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Something to remember about tubing and pipe.                       
  Tubing is measured O.D. and pipe is measured I.D. up to 8 inches or 
  there abouts. A one and a half inch pipe will measure 1.5 inside and 
  1.9 outside. A two inch piece of tubing will be 2.0 outside. Also a 
  piece of chrome-moly tubing with a .058 wall, will be just as strong
  as a piece of mild steel tubing with a .125 wall thickness. So if you 
  use .125 wall chrome-moly you can see why it is stronger. One more 
  thing, if it's sch 40 or 80, its Pipe.
I can't afford chrome-moly. I used a piece of inch and a half galv. pipe
with a one inch piece inside of it. I made 3 sleves to go on the one inch
pipe to make it fit tight inside the inch and a half. I placed one at each 
end and one in the middle of the one inch pipe. I welded them in place and  
drilled half inch holes in the inch and a half pipe at the correct places.
I then put the one inch inside the one and a half and plug weled the holes.
I have been using it for 3 years and all is fine but not a lot of wind 
load on it. I also put an expandable freeze plug in the top to stop 
the rain water from getting between them. Cost, just my time as I work in 
a steel shop. 
                Hope I didn't put ya all to sleep.
                                                    Bill, KB3AUG

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