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Subject: EMT!!!!
From: vern@HayA.QC.CA (Vernon Erle Ikeda)
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 16:00:53 -0400 (EDT)
        Right on!, I've heard many stories about hams spending big
bucks to outfit their shacks with very latest in amateur gear, then
skimp on the most important part of their installation, the antenna(e)
and the related supporting equipment (tower, guying, etc.).  I'm
a believer that your antenna and related supporting stucture is more
important than the radio.

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Paul Ramey wrote:

: Spelling mistakes fixed. 
: I am new in this form.  Someone please tell me what I am missing!!
: We spend good money for towers and antennas and then go out and
: put TOO much on the tower or add a cheap mast and the whole thing
: comes down the first time a storm hits us.  No wonder we as HAMS
: are having so much trouble getting permission to put up our towers
: if we put up such unsafe installations!
: I just spent $1100 on a new Force12.  No way am I going to skimp
: on the mast or tower.  I put it up to use, not to  fix or pick
: up and put it in the scrap heap!
: 73
:  Paul, WG0G

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