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Band Reject Coaxial Stubs

To: <>
Subject: Band Reject Coaxial Stubs
From: (Gary D. Elliott)
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 23:07:33 GMT
I would like to pick the brain of the experts - I would like to make up
some coaxial stubs for field day next year to keep the 40 meter station out
of the 20 meter station and the 20 phone station out of the 20 meter CW
station etc. I have never tried this approach and not sure if the stubs
should be shorted or open and electricaly how long for the various bands. 
Can somebody direct me to some reference material.  Can these stubs be
tuned with the MFJ 249 or Auteck RF antenna machines ? how much attenuation
can I expect to see ?  Appreciate any comments, Thanks 
73 Gary 

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