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Da Birds

To: <>
Subject: Da Birds
From: (Paul Beckmann)
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 96 14:58:42 CDT
At some point one wonders about contacting animal control in the local
municipality for a source of poison (or at least "get sick to your stomach"
) seed. Put a feeder up instead of getting a shotgun. Reminds me a little
of Tai Chi -- don't resist; put your opponent's weakness to good use.
--Paul Beckmann
P.S. Pigeons are *very* good at remembering stimulus-response pairings. If
they have gotten sick around your place in the past, they may not come back.
Then again, they may just not *eat* there!
P.P.S. I'm seriously interested in this as well since my proposed tower
goes right up through a deck attached to the back of the house!!

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