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Open in coax

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Subject: Open in coax
From: (Tony Brock-Fisher)
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 09:13:07 -0400
Use a TDR, time-domain reflectometer. There are very expensive, fancy
ones, but you can build a simple one easily if you have a scope. This
sends a pulse down the line which bounces off the open. Knowing the 
round-trip time and the Vf of the cable, you can calculate the
distance to the break.

Another option is to use a noise bridge or SWR analyzer. Find the
lowest frequency at which the impedance goes to minimum. The length
of cable to the break is 1/4 wave at this frequency. Again using
Vf and freqeuncy you can figure length to the break.

-Tony, K1KP,

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