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not da birds -- da wasps!

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Subject: not da birds -- da wasps!
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 08:31:02 -0500
At 02:11 AM 10/14/96 -0400, you wrote:
>It's great antenna weather in Delaware but it's also prime wasp time. 
>I always wear a reasonably thick, loose long-sleeve shirt and pants. But
>there's always some exposed skin prone to a sting at great heights (I found
>a wasp sitting on the boom/mast bracket I was about to work on at 110 feet
>today!). And I always stay buckled to the tower at all times (extra
>carabiner clips used when moving the belt around guys, etc.). I've yet to be
>on the tower, but they buzz me frequently. 

>73/Jon AA1K

Hey guys....  Wasp (anything that stings) scares me spitless.  I hate the
critters.  What I do in the fall when I go up the tower to do maintenance
for winter is to take some Black Flag wasp spray with me and soak the boom
to mast area and high as I can spray it.  I am belted on securly too.  Then
I wait for the bugs to come out and try to hit them as they leave the nest.
For the most part they want to get away from the spray so they take a hike.
Never have been stung, but I have used up two cans of wasp killer on a tower
climb.  I always keep that stuff around the house.  I've gotten pretty good
at hitting a flying wasp from 10 feet out.  I wish I had that kind of
shooting experience with elusive Kansas pheasants.  I even made a "holster"
for the cans on the belt.

My two cents....


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