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not da birds -- da wasps!

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Subject: not da birds -- da wasps!
From: (Steve Bookout)
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 11:05:12 -0400
>It's great antenna weather in Delaware but it's also prime wasp time. 
>I always wear a reasonably thick, loose long-sleeve shirt and pants. But
>there's always some exposed skin prone to a sting at great heights (I found
>a wasp sitting on the boom/mast bracket I was about to work on at 110 feet
>today!). And I always stay buckled to the tower at all times (extra
>carabiner clips used when moving the belt around guys, etc.). I've yet to be
>on the tower, but they buzz me frequently. 
>Are there any special measures you take for wasps? Insect repellant on the
>climber? Mosquito netting or other face mask? Is there a plastic "owl" that
>works for wasps?
>73/Jon AA1K
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Hello all, 
Someone told me years ago that the wasps you see swarming around your tower
this time of year shouldn't bee ( pun intended) a problem.  The way I
understand it, they are drones and are real docile for a wasp.  
With that in mind, and trust, I have climbed and worked right in the middle
of these loose swarms.  When you look at them and take notice of what they
do, all they do is fight between them selves.  Had them land on me and walk
around and NEVER have they been aggresive toward me.  But, wear gloves, they
will sting if you put your hand down on one.  
It is kinda un-nerving till you get used to it ...
any bee/wasp experts out there who can confirm what I was told?

73 de STeve, NJ4F

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