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Open in coax

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Subject: Open in coax
From: (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 01:37:38 EDT
Fred Hopengarten, K1VR
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On Fri, 11 Oct 1996 10:18:54 -0700 (rattmann) writes:

>Interesting things happen to connectors with aging.  Last year I had a 
>of RG-213 look "open" and it was driving me crazy finding the problem. 
> I
>had a cable splice in a termination box, joining a cable-end male-N to 
>cable-end female-N. There was no strain on this splice.  It turned out 
>over time (with lots of hot weather in San Diego), the center 
>dielectric of
>the cable had migrated (pulled back) relative to the connector body.  
>male-N pin thus had retracted about 3/16 inch, and separated from the 
>pin, even though the male pin at one time had been in the right 

K1VR:  Curious.  I discovered the same problem last winter here.  When
things got REALLY cold last February, my 40 meter beam stopped working.
The problem turned out to be that an N connector splice in the K1XX
asynchronous transformer (to feed a 50 ohm beam with 75 ohm hardline) had
experienced this "n-connector pullback".  The inner body of the N
connector, on the female side, had retracted and was no longer making
contact.  Instead of attributing it to warm weather, as Glen K6NA does, I
had attributed it to cold weather.  However, at that time, someone wrote
me that he had discovered the same problem in several places with N
connectors on RG-213 at KN8Z, where the N connectors were taped
vertically to a tower leg (as was true in my case).  So it may be an N
connector problem, not a weather problem.

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