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Open in coax

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Subject: Open in coax
From: (Chuck Brudtkuhl)
Date: 15 Oct 1996 09:18:48 -0600
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Finally have to put my 2 cents worth here.   One cause of center conductor
pull-back or "creep" is being overlooked and is well-known in the
tele-communications industry where coaxial cables are used in central office
environments to carry DS-3 signals.  It appears as though when long pulls of
cable are made through potential tight situations, there is a small amount of
"stretch" that occurs in the cable.  Over time (several months) as the cable
"settles" it is not uncommon for the center conductor to retreat into the
cable a small amount....just enough for an improperly installed BNC to have
the center pin go high joint or open.  I could see the same scenario playing
out when pulling a long vertical run (up the tower) and then securing the run
for support down the tower.

73 de Chuck

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