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Lanyard ropes for dipoles

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Subject: Lanyard ropes for dipoles
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 13:23:53 -0500
Just a point here to make.  When you think something is strong, think again
what nature can do.  I recently put up a 160 meter L antenna and used
bailing twine to hold the end of the L over a tree limb at 50 feet.  Now
this bailing twine is plastic...worven together...aimed at keeping a two ton
rolled bail together.  Lots of farmers use this stuff all over the world and
it is tough.  Sometimes, these bails are out in the weather for upto 5 years
depending on the haying years.  This stuff doesn't deteriorate from UV
sunlight either.  But, the abrasive action of a tree branch, the wind, and
movement with the tree cause this really strong stuff to break less than 48
hours after I put it up.  RATS!

So, I am going back to the wroven nylon/cotten twine I've used for years
that is still holding up dipoles after 15 years.  You can get this stuff at
WallyWorld.  Some people call it parachute cord.  

So, what do others use out there that is readily available at a local store.
I know I can mail order the kevlar stuff, but what do people use that is
readi;y available.


"crawling back up the tree this evening."

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