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Tower Collapse...

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Subject: Tower Collapse...
From: (Tom Francis)
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 20:07:14 -0400
Hi all:

The tower incident in Texas caused me to flash-back
to an incident that occured in my proximity when I
worked for Texaco Oil many, many years ago.

We were getting ready to install a log periodic on
a buyed 750 foot tower for backup communications to 
the North Sea via HF. Without getting into a lot of
details, one of the support trucks accidently backed
into a guy support shearing one cable which supported
the tower at the top.  The whole tower came down in
one heap within a 100 feet or so of the base of the

What amazed me was that the tower really didn't lean
much at all - it just came down - whoompf - no time
to think, duck, swear, nothing....

Fortunately nobody was hurt or seriously injured.

Never did find out why it came down like that, but
it did...


Tom, NM1Q (

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