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Towers and building permits

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Subject: Towers and building permits
From: (Cathy Elizabeth D'Entremont)
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 19:03:41 -0500 (CDT)
        I could use a pointer towards the Ham-law reflector you mentioned,
as I find myself in a troubling situation not too dissimilar to Joe's.
        I naively thought there would not be an issue for me as:
A)  I live out in an un-incorporated area of the county (hence no city 
B)  There is no mention of the word "antenna" anywhere in the original or 
amended deed restrictions (other than "no satellite antennas shall be placed
in a line in front of the building line of the house" and the array I've had
sitting on my ground for the past several months doesn't have anything to do
with satellite's, hi!)
C)  <Four> different attorney's reviewed the deed restrictions prior to me 
driving from Houston to Atlanta to haul this thing back on a lo-boy and could
find no "issues"
D)  W5BKK had a KT-34XA on top of a 60' Tri-Ex (in addition to cross-
polarized 2M/70cm alt/az sat array on top of Rohn 25 on top of the house)
<one block> North of my house in the same subdivision prior to his becoming
a SK a few months back.
and E) WA3ZTY has a TH6DXX on top of 75' Tri-Ex with a cross-phased 2M Long
John array on top of that and a Ringo Ranger on top of that which tops out
at 108' when the tower is fully extended <two blocks> south of me (and yes,
in the same sub-division).
        I, too, wanted to "do the right thing" and submitted my request to
the "Architectural Control Committee", along with full engineering documents,
wind loading calculations, and antenna blueprints.  I also enclosed a very
pleasant (I thought) cover letter that had words to the effect that:
        "Enclosed is information you requested regarding my proposed
        antenna installation...
        ...The Amateur Radio Service is stringently regulated by the Federal
        Government and as such, has been deemed to operate in the Public
        Interest, both as a convenience and a necessity, to provide 
        communications in times of National and local emergencies as well as
        to foster International good-will through communications with citizens
        of other countries.
        ...I, and the other (NAME OF SUBDIVISION DELETED HERE) residents who
        are currently Radio Amateur's, look forward to upholding the continued
        traditions of this service."

        The reply that was FAX'ed back to me was rather terse and to the
point:  "The structure you proposed is PROHIBITED by several sections of the
deed restrictions and your request is DENIED."  The attorney that I consulted
with suggested that I obtain signatures of as many homeowner's as 
possible to attach to a petition which stated that they had no objection to
my installation of an antenna system and that's where the situation has 
languished for the past several months.
        Somebody on the Ham-law reflector may have some different ideas.

73, Gerald D'Entremont  WA5TVM

p.s. - Joe, you have my empathy

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