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knocking on doors

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Subject: knocking on doors
From: (Howard Brainen)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 12:14:35 -0700
Joe..I vote for #1.  Ham radio is a fraternity and there is a
built in trust.  I've done this all over the world, even in
countries where I didn't speak the language.  See a tower,
knock on the door and introduce myself and find a kindred
spirit...and sometimes a contester I've worked before!  Give
it a try.  73, Howard WZ6Z

>I know I wouldn't mind a fellow ham dropping by and ringing my doorbell.  I've
>read of this happening before with good results, but I don't think I'm that
>forward.  Is this a good idea?
>Vote:   1) Knock on the door as soon as you see the tower!
>        2) Go home and look in the phone book and call the ham.
>        3) Be a wimp and send mail.
>        4) Get a life.
>        5) If you ring my doorbell, I'll set my pack of pit-bulls after you.
>My anticipation is that one of these Extras will say "Joe, dealing with the
>city is a pain, but call XXX, he's the guy who helped me".
>Best Regards
>Joe Spinosa
>Concord, CA

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