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Grounding CATV Hardline

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Subject: Grounding CATV Hardline
From: (Michael Tope)
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 07:28:52 -0400
I am interested in a good method for grounding a piece of 1/2" CATV hardline
as it passes the base of my tower. I would like to get a good solid
connection, but am concerned that anything that clamps to the hardline
asymmetrically will deform or crush the relatively soft aluminum outer
conductor. The cable is jacketed, so the fixture in question would
necessarily have to open wide enough to accomodate the extra diameter of the
jacket if it were to be slipped over the end. Alternatively, I was thinking
that with something like a pair of clamp shells, they could be placed at the
ground point directly without having to feed thru the 30 remaining feet of

Anybody solved this problem already? I am hoping the there is some little
gizmo waiting for me at the local hardware store that will do the job
directly without the need for alot of modification.

73 de Mike, AD4VH...................

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