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MA40 Still Trying!

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Subject: MA40 Still Trying!
From: (Joe Spinosa)
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 96 17:18:03 UT
We are going on the Concord Tower Hunt today!

I really appreciate all the great advice and positive replies I've been 

So far, nobody has voted for me to "get a life", so I will continue the 
thread.  I am more determined than ever to construct this modest tower 
project, and will keep everyone posted.  You have all been great!

Surprisingly, I've only heard from 4 of my 14 neighbors so far regarding the 
letter I mailed.  More surprising is the general support they've all shown!  I 
expected apathy at best, as in "I don't care what you do, just don't send me 
any more stupid letters.  I get enough junk mail already."  However, the 4 
neighbors who have contacted me so far actually seem to be interested in what 
I am doing:  "What is Ham radio? What can you do?  Can you talk real far?"  I 
think this is great.  Maybe the 10 I haven't heard from yet will present quite 
a different scenario, however.

One thing I want to make clear about the tower hunt:  I will in no way use 
these guys as an example to the city.  Perhaps calling this thing a "Tower 
Hunt" was a poor choice of words.  I'm not hunting these guys down to cause 
trouble.  Quite the opposite, I'm on their (and your) side!

Thanks for reminding me of this.  If these fellows did put up their towers 
without city approval (which I can FULLY appreciate, because I still may have 
to do it that way) they may be reluctant to discuss it with me.

I've received about as many votes for ringing the doorbell on the spot as I 
have for calling on the phone.

I'm a wimp. I'll use the phone.

Unless the thread is getting tired, I'll post my results as I work through 
this.  It may become a useful chronicle that could help someone else down the 

Best Regards,
Joe Spinosa
Concord, CA

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