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Are all black Zip cable ties UV resistant?

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Subject: Are all black Zip cable ties UV resistant?
From: (Del Seay)
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 12:24:22 -0700
Paul Ferguson wrote:
> I have heard that the plastic zip-locking cable ties that are UV resistant are
> black. Most of the packages I have seen do not say anyting about
> being UV resistant or for outdoor use. Are all black ones for outdoor
> use or do you have to be careful in selecting them?
> Paul

Negative. Unless so stated, they are indoor types.
By the way, a lot of the ones out now are really of poor quality.
Buy the more expensive versions, or you'll have a couple of
handfull that the tail pulls off as you tighten them. I prefer Tyton
ties and have no stake in their sales. de KL7HF

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