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will two KT34A's make an XA?

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Subject: will two KT34A's make an XA?
From: (Dennis Schaefer W5RZ)
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 10:59:41 -0500
I called a guy about a used KLM KT-34A and he is actually selling TWO of
them ($300.00), but one has two elements damaged (he didn't remember which
ones). The boom is intact.

Could I add pieces from the broken antenna to make an XA without too much

>From what I hear, the 34A is a respectable antenna, but the XA is better.  I
have a 204BA ready to go up, and I would guess the 34A would be a couple of
db down from the 204 on 20, but the XA would be about equal.  Anyone have
any thoughts on this?  

This may not be of general interest to everyone, so you can respond to me
and I'll post a summary. 

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