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Subject: mast
From: (michael w. elliot)
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 11:25:36 -0500 wrote:
> Howdy all,
>      I wonder what people use for mast that sticks up about 10 or so
> feet above the tower and holds more than one multiband antenna?
>      I put up 1 1/2" galvanized steel pipe and it failed......bent right
> over. Wow!
>      If I use 1 1/2" galvanized steel again,only this time schedule 80,
> which is 1/4" wall thickness,is that sufficient? And if that is
> sufficient, what would be the difference between steel or aluminum pipe
> if they both are the same thickness?I don't have time for this "chrome
> molley" or whatever it is as this must be changed immedietly, no time to
> wait for freight! One last question, I also suppose I could use 2"
> instead of 1 1/2", but adding all this more weight,is it really going
> to add all that more strength? Helping answers appreciated!!!
>                                               Jeff,N3MLV
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Well it is like this,  you want cheap or the best???

I have tried cheap and you get what you paid for like having it up
during a contest or a once in a life time dxpedition and the mast folds
over and you look to the sky gods for help and receive none.
The best is as follows:

ALUM EX 6061 T6511 QQA 200/8 TY 1
That is 2.000 OD X .500 WALL(1.000 ID)

I put up 24 feet and it cost me back in 1993 $224.0 with shipping which
was local here.  I am in St. Louis, Missouri 

You can only get your small finger in the wall depending how big you

It weights 2.771 per foot.

You can not beat the stuff doesn't sway , no rust  -- alum, and is the 
best out there

Now you can be cheap and you wil pay years and years

good luck 

You should have someone local there  but i bought mine from  
Kilsby-Roberts  local supplier here in the St. Louis area 
if you ned addres or phone let me know

The big-guns use it here and there are no problems

73s and take care

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