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Grounding CATV Hardline

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Subject: Grounding CATV Hardline
From: (Steve Sawyers n0yvy)
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 21:48:16 -0500
Michael Tope wrote:
> I am interested in a good method for grounding a piece of 1/2" CATV hardline
> as it passes the base of my tower. I would like to get a good solid
> connection, but am concerned that anything that clamps to the hardline
> asymmetrically will deform or crush the relatively soft aluminum outer
> conductor. The cable is jacketed, so the fixture in question would
> necessarily have to open wide enough to accomodate the extra diameter of the
> jacket if it were to be slipped over the end. Alternatively, I was thinking
> that with something like a pair of clamp shells, they could be placed at the
> ground point directly without having to feed thru the 30 remaining feet of
> cable.
> Anybody solved this problem already? I am hoping the there is some little
> gizmo waiting for me at the local hardware store that will do the job
> directly without the need for alot of modification.
> 73 de Mike, AD4VH...................
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I would use homemade clamps. I start with a piece of 3/4 inch aluminum plate 
2 inches square. I drill the appropiate size hole through the plate for the 
jacket. Then I flip the piece 90 degrees and drill two 11/32 holes on each side 
the center hole and perpendicular to it through the edge of the plate for the 
inch clamp/mounting bolts. Then I saw the whole thing in half and the saw cut 
about the right crunch. Depending on where it is going, I may make the 
spacing fit a U bolt and then grind/file radious to fit tower leg. When 
clamping to a 
tower leg, I would use a stainless steel bolt, and a thin piece of stainless 
sheet between
the aluminum block and the galvanized tower leg with lots of anti-ox compound. 
seal the clamp, leg and cable like it was a coax joint to keep the water out.

No moisture means no electrolysis.

It is cheap and takes me about 15 minutes to make with a drill press, band saw 
and grinder.

de n0yvy steve

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