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>Typically, the cognoscenti recommend using Scotch 88 or other, more exotic
>products to seal coax connections.  The other day, I was talking with the
>people at the local electrical supply about tape, and asked them if they had
>any 88.  They said that they don't carry it any more because it has been
>effectively superseded by Scotch Super 33+. Lo and behold, the Super 33+
>seems to be the baseline Scotch product at my local huge hardware store, and
>the price is sure right.
>Does anyone know (rather than opine) whether the Super 33+ is in fact bigger
>and better, and close enough to 88 to use with confidence?

Hi, Pete --

       The Scotch Super 33+ and Super 88 have identical formulations, specs
and performance.  The ONLY difference is that 33 is 7.0 mils thick and the 88
is 8.5 mils thick; that's it.  Some of the boys that live at high altitude,
tropics or other hostile environments to prefer the 88.  Use either one for
successful weatherproofing.

     BTW, don't forget to wrap the final layer of tape in an UPWARD
direction.  That way the laps of the tape are like the shingles on your house
and the water runs off harmlessly.  Applying the tape the other way opens up
channels for the water to run directly into your coax joint.  Then let the
tape relax before you apply the very end; that'll minimize the flagging that
can take place.  That'll do it.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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