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Magnetic Variation

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Subject: Magnetic Variation
From: (Chris R. Burger)
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 09:21:27 +200
> wasnt sure how to adjust for the difference between true and magnetic 
The difference between the two is called Variation.  If you are due 
south of the Magnetic pole, the variation is 0.  This would apply to 
most people in zones 8 and 9.  On the West Coast, you'd have easterly 
variation (i.e. magnetic north is east of true north) and on the East 
Coast you'd have westerly variation.  Somewhere in NWT, when you're 
between the two, you'd actually have 180 degrees variation!

Antennas should probably be on true bearings, as any map you would be 
using (including great circle maps) would use true bearings.

Remember that, for most antennas, a difference of a few degrees would 
be immaterial.  The patterns are just too broad.  Only VHF and very 
high gain high band arrays would be different.  And, of course, a 
decent Beverage...

Chris R. Burger

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