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Subject: declination??
From: (Jim Hollenback)
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 07:50:50 -0700
On Oct 22,  8:05pm, Jamie Tolbert wrote:
> Subject: declination??
> Today I heard a carribean dxpedition for the cqww concerned because he
> wasnt sure how to adjust for the difference between true and magnetic
> north...Is there really a big difference?? I think for my latitude its
> around 4 degrees..Should ones antenna be set for true or magnetic north??
> Also  a W0 on one of the reflectors( I hope this one) mentioned that
> while experimenting with a 1/4 wave sloper they got a significant signal
> strentgh difference on rx while adjusting the angle...what does work best??
> wouldnt it depend on the incoming signal angles?? wont it change as
> propagation condx change??73 Jamie WW3S

Yes, you want to adjust your antenna to point to true instead of
magnetic ... otherwise you will be forever making corrections to
charts, maps, and other operating aids.

The amount of declination is a function of both longitude and latitude.
Here in the San Francisco bay area it is around 17 degrees. In the Seattle
area it is around 22 degrees, and around Chicago it is zero.

73, Jim, WA6SDM

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