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Scotch 33 vs Scotch 88

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Subject: Scotch 33 vs Scotch 88
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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 14:39:15 EDT
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SUBJECT: Scotch 33 vs Scotch 88                                                 

We have and use both 88 and 33 here at the Electric Utility where I work.  I    
prefer 33 because it is thinner and easier to work with.  As Stuart stated the  
only difference is the thickness of the tape.  Need more thickness add a few    
more wraps of 33.  I suppose that a 1/4" thickness of 33 would have more glue   
and holding power than a 1/4" thickness of 88...  Also less inclined to         
flagging due to temperature fluctuations.  The glue will hold a thin piece of   
33 down better than a thick piece of 88.                                        


Keith Ballow                                                                    

Keith B. Ballow                                                                 
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