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Magnetic Variation

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Subject: Magnetic Variation
From: Robert Brown <> (Robert Brown)
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 12:18:41 -0700 (PDT)
Friends in Radio Land,

I have agonized enough, watching this discussion about magnetic variation.
The information needed can be found on a map from the Defense Mapping 
Agency (they have a 800-number).  In fact, they have a full set of 
geomagnetic maps for those interested.  But for magnetic variation, ask 
for DMA Stock No. WOBZC42.  I don't recall the price but if you're 
serious, it is not unreasonable.

For some typical values, consider the following for the compass variation:

                Seattle         22 degs E of North
                Bismarck. ND    10 degs E of North
                Chicago, IL      1 deg  W of North
                Detroit, MI      6 degs W of North
                Buffalo, NY     10 degs W of North
                New York City   15 degs W of North
                Los Angeles     14 degs E of North 
                El Paso, TX     10 degs E of North
                New Orleans      3 degs E of North
                Charleston       5 degs W of North
                Wash, D.C.      10 degs W of North

That ought to get you oriented.  Now the next question is the width of 
your antenna pattern.


Bob, NM7M

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