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Motorized Crankup Law

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Subject: Motorized Crankup Law
From: (Rod Greene)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 96 06:43 MDT
Fred, Just changed zoning regs for Ada County. Now no height limits in the
county except in airport influence area, then it depends on FAA, etc and how
close you are.  Working with City of Boise for changes, but not finished
yet. Currently Boise is at 35ft limit.

        73, Rod

At 02:41 AM 10/24/96 EDT, Fred Hopengarten wrote:
>I have a client in a town with a FIXED maximum height of 50 feet.  The
>Bldg Inspector's reply to the question of what his position would be with
>respect to a motorized crankup tower which nests at 23-35' and would only
>occasionally be above 50' was:  Get me a list of towns which allow such
>things and I'd be happy to pass the idea in front of Town Counsel.
>The client wants 70-75 feet for a log periodic or TH-11DXX.  Thus I have
>two questions:  
>1) What do you recommend for a motorized crank up (one that will come
>with good printed specs, including 30 p.s.f. numbers) ?  Make and model? 
>Preferred vendor?
>2) Can you name a town which allows motorized crank up towers to go above
>an otherwise fixed height limit?
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