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Magnetic Deviation (was: declination??)

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Subject: Magnetic Deviation (was: declination??)
From: (Darryl G. Bennett)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 10:45:51 -0500
> Before we get too far we need to understand the difference between DEVIATION
> and VARIATION.  It is VARIATION that yall are talking about when you correct
> between MAGNETIC and TRUE heading.  DEVIATION is used to correct between
> COMPASS and MAGNETIC heading.  DEVIATION is the result of installing a
> compass in something like a boat or aircraft.  VARIATION is the result of
> the inconsistancy of the earth's magnetic fiels.
> We use the ole crutch...Can Dead Men Vote Twice =
>            Compass Deviation Magnetic Variation True

The following is quoted directly from the Civil Engineering Handbook, 
4th Edition, Leonard Urquhart, Editor-In-Chief, published by 
McGraw-Hill. page 1-23.

The angle between the true meridian and the magnetic meridian is 
called the "magnetic declination."  If the north end of the compass 
needle points to the east of the true meridian, the declination is 
said to be east; if it points to the west of the true meridian, the 
declination is said to be west.


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