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Loop or 1/4-wave sloper for 40 meter

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Subject: Loop or 1/4-wave sloper for 40 meter
From: (Nilsson & Partners AB)
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 10:25:35 +0100
Hello out there!At present I am using a R7 vertical from Cushcraft

on 40 meters. However, even if I have worked 145 DXCC in about 12 months,
there is the usual problem as with verticals, the high noice level.

Therefore I have hade thoughts of putting up either a loop or a 1/4-wave
sloper for this band.

Starting with the loop. If I do it as a delta loop I have access to two
fairly high fixing points - one about 17 meters up and the other about 10
meters up.

I  will appreciate any comments from hams with experience from loops
together with information about feedpoint, length, comparisons with other
antennas for 40 meter etc.

When it comes to the 1/4-wave sloper I have one for 80 meter already up.
But as it seems if my dipole (feedpoint about 15 meter up and the legs is
sloping downd to about 12 meter) is superior I thought I maybe should use
the sloper for 40 meter instead.

Any comments and tips will be highly appreciated.

73 de Ken/SM7CQY

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