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Some Questions re 55G rotating tower

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Subject: Some Questions re 55G rotating tower
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Date: Fri, 25 Oct 96 09:45:01 CST
I am in planning stages of a similiar installation.  I am a EE by training, so 
tend to be overly conservative on structural issues.  I am an expert in the true
sense - I know what I don't know. 

With regard to the base, are you going to rotate only the top sections?  I plan 
to install the rotor at the base, using RTS's hardware.  My CE buddies say the 
"intuitively stronger" base section buried in concrete is in counter-intuitive 
fact weaker and is only recommended for unguyed installations of 3 or 4 
sections.  They say use the pin. So does Rohn.

If you are not doing an installation per the Rohn specs then you need a PE to do
the calculations (unless you have a much higher affinity for risk - physical, 
financial, and bureacratic- than I) and having a pin simplifies the calculations

Re guying - if you are not using factory specs, have a PE do the calculations.  
I think rules of thumb in this deal are going to be more like a thumb in the 

Also, I am planning to use two sets of three anchors each and elevate the ends 
of the guys to avoid vandalism and/or abrasion of the planned Phillystran.

Let me know what you end up with.  What antenna complement do you plan?

73.......... John N5CQ

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