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Preformed Guy Grips -question

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Subject: Preformed Guy Grips -question
From: (bob)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 19:18:11 -0100
Rich L. Boyd wrote:
> Another factor on putting the big grips around a tower leg to consider is
> wear on the tower leg, something to avoid.  Best to have something that
> doesn't rub on the tower leg permanently attached, with the preform,
> thimble, or whatever, going around that part rather than directly against
> tower.

This has been a concern of mine, and if it were a problem it should show
up as rust on the tower where the friction of the grip would remove the
galvanizing. so far ive never seen it on any tower. most of the wear
should come from tower torque. someone mentioned in another post that
rohn quit offering torque arms several years ago since they produced
only a minimal increase in torque bearing capability, but brought them
back since hams requested them.

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