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Kenwood computer interface summary

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Subject: Kenwood computer interface summary
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Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 10:21:15 -0500
Hello, all --

     I was amazed at the number of responses to my inquiry about the Kenwood
computer interface for the TS-940.  MANY people wrote to clarify what I
needed (a computer itnerface AND a ttl level controller) and other people
wanted to know what I found out.  Thanks to everyone for their help;
unfortunately I'm still a trailing-edge technology kind of guy and now I hope
I can get this thing working without jeopardizing my charter membership in
the Quarter Century Appliance Operator's Club (QCAO).

   Tnx to Jim, W9WU, and others for the following:

> Without the Kenwood IF10 (B), you're up the creek. Kenwood made
>a run of them several months back and you should be able to find one.
>Try this:
> I received a letter from Kenwood Service dated 11/2/95 stating due to
> demand "we decided to re-manufacture a one time only limited supply" of the

> IF-10B computer interface for the TS-940S.
> You can order  using Part. No. ZIF-10B for approx. $79.95 plus tax and 
> shipping from:
> Pacific Coast Parts                   800-262-1312
> East Coast Transistor Parts Inc.      800-776-2626

>The cost is $74.95 plus $6.50 for shipping. (Assumes no state tax).
>Make check payable to Pacific Coast Parts.
>Send it to
>Pacific Coast Parts
>15024 Staff Court
>Gardena, CA 90248
>Include the part number (ZIF-10B), name, address, etc.

>After you fine an IF10B, then you need a serial port device that 
>provides the info to and from the TS940. W1GEE makes one
>for LTA. 

>Next, hook your digital antenna switch and your Alpha 87A up, and
>you won't have to touch the radio again!!

     Others advised that Ham Radio Outlet has them in stock.  

    As far as the ttl level controller, Kenwood has a version for $110.00
(IF-232) but almost everyone groused about the price when it is so "simple"
to do yourself.  HA!!  Double HA!  Nonetheless, W1GEE has one (he produces a
nifty TTL <-> RS232 Interface embedded into a db25 shell and takes power from
the serial port), N7BHC has one, PDA Applications (Logic 4) has one, there
are numerous articles in QST, etc. on rolling your own.  Take your pick.

    A good tip was to check the used equipment sources (Yellow Sheets,
internet lists, etc.) for used ones.

    Thanks to everyone for their helpful information.  In the final analysis,
I had to ask myself what I needed all this stuff for.  Well, I'm not going SO
2-radio, I don't have an Alpha 87 and I don't know if I'm ever going to make
the investment in TopTen switches, Dunestar filters, etc.  I guess I mostly
want to get my 940 computerized so that I can try the SO assisted sometime.
 Is it worth it?  I'll let you know.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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