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TH6 and 402CD

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Subject: TH6 and 402CD
From: (Rod Fitz-Randolph)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 12:30:22 -0600
>Ijust moved and will erect my tower next month, it's 60 feet high.
>I"m planing to put on it, new antenas that wil be a similar to a TH6 and a
>The 6 element triband it'll be on top and the 40 meters just below, but
>the questions are:
>what is the distance between the antenas?
>I'll be able to turn the sistem using a HAM-IV?
>Any comments and sugestions wil be welcome!
Amadeu, I am using a TH7 and a 402CD.  The TH7 is at 132 feet and the
402CD is 8 feet above it on the same mast.  It works great!  No interaction
detected, at all.  8 feet separation was what Cushcraft recommended, if
I recall correctly.  One word of caution.  Install a multi-pointed (sharp
lightning rod well above the 402CD or which ever antenna you have at the top.
This will tend to bleed off any charges and/or, if the charge builds up too
rapidly to bleed off, it will attract the lightning to it rather than the tip
of an element (on the 402CD) as it did here.  It really blew one of my traps and
resulted in a major expense to take it down and repair.  Good luck.  Rod

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