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Your erection questions

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Subject: Your erection questions
From: (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 96 17:32:48 -0500
>If you are not renting a cement mixer, don't mix it with a ho, I mean hoe,
>seeing as this is your first time you may not be familiar with power
>tools...such as the wonder tool - the mixer paddle. When coupled with a 1/2"
>drill you can mix concrete in a 5 gallon plastic bucket a lot faster and a
>lot better than you would if you were using a mud box and a hoe. 

I recently had to mix 2 1/2 60lb bags for an R7000 mast by hand. (150 lbs)

I have one of these mixing paddles, but lack a good 1/2" drill to run it. 
My 3/8" drill just didn't have the umpf to turn the mixing paddles in the 
concrete mix. I ended up mixing it all by hand with a stick (actually a 
piece of 1 by 3). 1/3 of a bag in a 5 gallon bucket was about right. Any 
more mix, and it was too difficult to stir.

Even so, the entire job took about 30 minutes. 

For a tower base, go with professionally mixed concrete. You'll have a 
much more consistant mix, and you can get stronger stuff than you get out 
of sackrete.

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